Current Exhibition: APRIL 4-26, 2014



previewSusan Bennerstrom
previewTram Bui
previewMarsha Burns
previewBen Butler
previewWarren Dykeman
previewAlexander Gorenstein
previewJohn Grade
previewDan Gualdoni
previewEtsuko Ichikawa
previewJennifer Li
previewRobert E. Marx
previewCamille Patha
previewJ.D. Perkin
previewAlexander (Shura) Petrov
previewSelene Santucci
previewAdrienne Sherman
previewNate Steigenga
previewLisa Sweet
previewPatti Warashina
previewEvelyn Woods


March 2014: preview NATE STEIGENGA - Necromancin’ at the Mountain Lodge
February 2014: previewROBERT ERNST MARX - Recent Painting and Drawing
January 2014: previewPATTI WARASHINA - Scrutiny
December 2013: previewMARY IVERSON + previewDANE YOUNGREN - Progress and Sacrifice
November 2013: previewMARY IVERSON - Sunk
October 2013: previewBEN BUTLER - Propagation
September 2013: previewETSUKO ICHIKAWA - Echo at Satsop, preview ADRIENNE SHERMAN - Mysterieux
August 2013: previewLIKE: a socially interactive exhibition
July 2013: previewWARREN DYKEMAN, I might exaggerate...
June 2013: previewEVELYN WOODS, Dwellers
May 2013: previewJOHN GRADE - After the Wawona
April 2013: previewSUSAN BENNERSTROM - Sojourn
March 2013: previewJ.D. PERKIN: Cadence of Stone, previewALEXANDER GORENSTEIN: New Paintings
previewM.J. ANDERSON: Ancient Atmospheres: Vessel & Figure
February 2013: STEPHEN TALASNIK: Drawings and Sculpture
January 2013: previewThe Photographs of NORMAN DURKEE
December 2012: previewEXCEPTIONAL: 8 PNW Curators + 8 PNW Artists
November 2012: previewLadies...Celebrating Contemporary Women Artists - Featuring: KATHRYN JACOBI, JUDITH FOOSANER, TIP TOLAND
October 2012: previewDONALD FELS: Circles and Other Projections
September 2012: previewSELENE SANTUCCI: Seeing Beyond the Top Coat
August 2012: previewSTEPHANIE J. FROSTAD: Natural Circumstances
August 2012: previewLESLIE WILLIAMS CAIN: Recent Work


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