Previous Exhibition: JUNE 6-28, 2014

ALEXANDER PETROV - Recent Paintings


previewMarsha Burns
previewWarren Dykeman
previewAlexander Gorenstein
previewJohn Grade
previewDan Gualdoni
previewRobert E. Marx
previewCamille Patha
previewAlexander (Shura) Petrov


May 2014: preview ROBERT CONNELL - New Sumi Ink Paintings
April 2014: preview CAMILLE PATHA - Irascible
March 2014: NATE STEIGENGA - Necromancin’ at the Mountain Lodge
February 2014: ROBERT ERNST MARX - Recent Painting and Drawing
January 2014: PATTI WARASHINA - Scrutiny
December 2013: MARY IVERSON + DANE YOUNGREN - Progress and Sacrifice
November 2013: MARY IVERSON - Sunk
October 2013: BEN BUTLER - Propagation
September 2013: ETSUKO ICHIKAWA - Echo at Satsop, ADRIENNE SHERMAN - Mysterieux
August 2013: LIKE: a socially interactive exhibition
July 2013: WARREN DYKEMAN, I might exaggerate...
June 2013: EVELYN WOODS, Dwellers
May 2013:
April 2013:
March 2013: ALEXANDER GORENSTEIN: New Paintings
M.J. ANDERSON: Ancient Atmospheres: Vessel & Figure
February 2013: STEPHEN TALASNIK: Drawings and Sculpture
January 2013: The Photographs of NORMAN DURKEE
December 2012: EXCEPTIONAL: 8 PNW Curators + 8 PNW Artists
November 2012: Ladies...Celebrating Contemporary Women Artists - Featuring: KATHRYN JACOBI, JUDITH FOOSANER, TIP TOLAND
October 2012: DONALD FELS: Circles and Other Projections
September 2012: SELENE SANTUCCI: Seeing Beyond the Top Coat
August 2012: STEPHANIE J. FROSTAD: Natural Circumstances
August 2012: LESLIE WILLIAMS CAIN: Recent Work

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