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August 2014: THINGS YOU MIGHT HAVE MISSED: A selection of inventory old and new!
July 2014:ELLEN HECK - Attachments
SHIGEKI TOMURA - Recent Drypoints, Watercolors & Drawings
June 2014: KURT KEMP - Mixed etchings with collage
April-May 2014: LOCKWOOD DENNIS - Retrospective
DOUGLAS COOPER - The Seattle Drawings
March 2014: JONELLE JOHNSON - New Works on Paper
February 2014: WENDY ORVILLE - Sightlines


December 2013 - January 2014: International Wood Engraving Invitational
October 2013: EUNICE KIM - New Collagraph Monoprints
September 2013: DOUGLAS BOSLEY - Artificial Life in the Autonomous Republic
August 2013: LIKE: a socially interactive exhibition
March 2013: DION ZWIRNER: Patterns in Time...Images from Within
February 2013: JENNY ROBINSON: Recent Monoprints and Etchings
January 2013: GRIETJE POSTMA: The Dutch Landscape in Woodcuts


December 2012: CHARLES SPITZACK: Woodcuts
November 2012: Highlights from the Fall Print Catalog
October 2012: Art School on the Moon: Including MICHAEL BARNES, JENNY SCHMID
September 2012: ROBERT ERNST MARX: Rare early etchings and portfolios
August 2012 BEN BERES - Vortext
August 2012 SHIGEKI TOMURA - Relections
July 2012 BRIONY MORROW-CRIBBS - Scientia Carnalis
July 2012 TALLMADGE DOYLE - Contemplari Natura
June 2012 SEIKO TACHIBANA - Origins
June 2012; Japanese Impressions - KAORU SAITO and SEIICHI HIROSHIMA
May 2012: Spring Highlights 2012 - A Group Print Exhibition
February 2012: TONY FITZPATRICK: Recent Etchings
January 2012: EX LIBRIS: Contemporary & Antique Book Plates


December 2011: Small Works - A Group Print Exhibition
November 2011: EUNICE KIM – New Works
October 2011: Blurring the Lines - A Group Drawing Exhibition
September 2011: TOMIYUKI SAKUTA – Visitors
August: OUTLOOK - A Group Landscape Show
July: BEN MOREAU – Recent Etchings
June: MEZZOTINTS - An International Selection
April: New Etchings by Eastern European Artists
March: HIBIKI MIYAZAKI – Recent Works on Paper


November: BARBARA NOAH – Likely Stories & MARK MEYER –New and Recent Work
July: "What I See" with Alice Leora Briggs, Stephanie Frostad, Martin Langford and Lisa Sweet
June: BARBARA ROBERTSON – Gray Shift Introductions: Ellen Heck, Carrie Lingscheit, Matt Rebholz
February: Contemporary Mezzotints (Group Show)
December-January: GORDON MORTENSEN – Reduction Woodcuts, 1974-1983 SIEMEN DIJKSTRA – Recent Woodcuts


November: Jonelle Johnson, New Work
October: Karen Kunc, Order Zha Sai, Rhythm of Shadows
September: Paula Barragan, Mitad del Mundo
August: Lee Chul Soo, Visual Poetry
July: Drawings VIII: West Coast Drawings Claus Seligmann, Works on Paper
June: Amanda Knowles, Grids, Circuits & Vertices
May: Kevin Fletcher, Monotypes
April: Eunice Kim, Collagraphs
February: Ben Beres, Ten Years
January: Recent Work by Gallery Artists


December: Jenny Schmid, Fountain of Youth Tallmadge Doyle, Celestial Menagerie
October: Chris Papa, Recent Woodcuts
September: Sean Caulfield & Akiko Taniguchi, Return to the Surface
August: Jean Gumpper, Shifting Currents Hiroki Morinoue, Earth Spirit
July: Print Now! Highlights of Contemporary Printmaking Techniques
June: Convergent Topologies, Digital Printmaking Group Show
May: Artemio Rodriguez, The Triumph of Death
April: Hibiki Miyazaki Jenny Robinson
March: Arne Bendik Sjur, Personal Transformation February: Seiko Tachibana, Origin Connection
January: Carol Summers, Color Woodcuts


December: New Work by Gallery Artists
November: Sidney Hurwitz, The Built Environment, Aquatint & Hand-colored Etchings
October: Peter Brauninger, Etchings
September: Robert Connell, Transitions
August: Introductions 2007, featuring work by Ben Beres, Dean Bowen, Elaine Chandler, Jonathan Higgins, Wuon Gean Ho, Ben Moreau, Briony Morrow-Cribbs, Marianne Ogilvie, Geraldine O'Reilly & Jenny Robinson
July: Mikio Watanabe, Recent Mezzotints
May: Shigeki Tomura, Quietude
April: Alice Leora Briggs, Fever
March: Amanda Knowles, Accumulation
February: Jonelle Johnson, Final Moorings
January: Holly Downing, Mezzotints & Recent Paintings


December: Introductions 2006, featuring work by Michael Barnes, Carl Gombert, Eunice Kim, Barbara Mason, Chris Papa
November: Lockwood Dennis, Nine Days in Kobe
October: Kevin Fletcher, Light Orchestration
September: Francisco Toledo, the Cowboy Series Peter Milton, Hidden Cities III: Continuum
August: New Work by Gallery Artists
July: Contemporary Prints from Eastern Europe & Russia
June: Robert Connell, Recent Paintings on Paper
April & May: Contemporary Finnish Woodcuts
March: Ian Boyden
February: The Mezzotint, featuring work by Carol Wax, Fred Mershimer, Kaoru Saito & Mikio Watanabe
January: Seiko Tachibana


December: Friedrich Meckseper, Stilleben
November: Mark Meyer, Horror Vacui "The Devil's in the Details" Barbara Robertson
October: Karen Kunc, Visionary Evidence
September: Sean Caulfield & Akiko Taniguchi, Aqueous
August: The Personal Politic
Kurt Kemp, Michael Krueger, Jenny Schmid
July: New Work by Gallery Artists
June: Landscapes in Wood
Jean Gumpper, Gordon Mortensen, Robert Patierno
May: Francisco Toledo, New Work: 2002-2005 & Etchings for Kafka's A Report to the Academy
April: Lee Chul Soo, Reflections
March: Art Werger, Overview
February: Artemio Rodriguez, Demonios y Pecados Visage, featuring work by Julie Gaskill, Barry Moser & Jack Coughlin
January: Lockwood Dennis, Castles & Ruins


December: Lockwood Dennis, Castles & Ruins
November: Robert Kipniss, Selected Works on Paper
October: Frank Boyden, The Irreverences, Provocations & Connivances of Uncle Skulky
September: Peter Milton, Hidden Cities & Master Works 1965 – 2004
August: Peter Klucik, Master of Metamorphosis
July: Paul Wunderlich, Lithographs of the 1960's, Drypoints of the 1990's
June: Barbara Robertson, New Prints & Drawings
May: Robert Connell, Sunlight and Shadows: Northwest Landscape
April: Steven Yamin, Projects
March: Kevin Fletcher, Recent Monotypes
February: Jonelle Johnson, Gatherings
January: Art Hansen, Etchings, Drawings, and Watercolors