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Patterns in Time...Images from Within

March 8-30, 2013

Within this new body of works on paper Dion Zwirner began with the concept of a window - a word that conceals more then it reveals. The word window originally came from the Old Norse word vindauga, vindr meaning wind and auga meaning eye. It has been used in language for over 800 years.

When one thinks of a window one might think of an external view. In these works Zwirner has turned inward, once again translating seen and felt experiences into patterns and painted gestures. The artist wants to separate natural elements from their remembered surroundings so intuition will replace logic. Working with the phases and cycles of nature she attempts to frame time as a window frames a view.

Publications: Dion Pickering Zwirner - PLACES
Softcover 16 pages with 13 color plates. Published in February 2011.
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Additional works

Publications: Dion Pickering Zwirner
Softcover 16 pages with 13 color plates. Published in August 2002.
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