Akiko Taniguchi

Akiko Taniguchi’s work is influenced by the natural world and her images, rendered in a bold, graphic language, have strong references to plants, and environmental phenomena such as wind, rain and water. In her most recent suite of prints she has utilized a cage form in order to explore humanities ongoing (and futile) effort to contain, control, and dominate the ever-changing forces of nature.

Taniguchi’s abstract visual language is based on her continuous research into forms found in the natural world. She looks at connections and forces of regeneration that exist in different environments. Taniguchi starts off with photographs of natural phenomena such as cloud formations, ice crystals, or cracks found in earth that have been parched by drought. Her hand-generated responses to these photographs heighten the rhythms, patterns and structures occurring in nature. To achieve this, she employs a variety of print-media including collagraph, etching, drypoint, mezzotint and chine collé. Her combination of processes creates complex three-dimensional surfaces of bold black forms, delicate calligraphic lines, and areas suffused with color.